Downtown Augusta, GA Engagement Photographer | Sandra & Alex

It's a new year, which means prep for so many amazing 2018 weddings to come!! On Saturday these two braved the cold on their final weekend of Christmas break for an engagement session around town! This week they kick off their final semesters at GA Tech for Sandra and Clemson for Alex... hence Sandra’s stunner 💍 paired with Alex’s awesome Clemson class ring! However, their friendship began years ago while in Social (a time-honored tradition where teens learn etiquette and ballroom dancing!) here in Augusta. I loved capturing their engagement session in Downtown Augusta & Hammonds Ferry & hearing about all that's in store for their 2018! It holds so much greatness for these two! Here are a few favorites from our time together!

Augusta GA Downtown Augusta Hammonds Ferry Wedding Photographer_0001.jpg

Lauren Carnes Photography | Behind the Scenes 2017

Let's be real, it's the favorite post of the year! If you missed last year's... open yourself up a new tab right here because it's absolutely worth seeing. And this year's is no difference.

Here is the post of the year where you get to see all of the behind the scenes of a wedding day - where sweaty summers & endless rompers make a glowing appearance. Second shooters, fellow friendors, and more (even my favorite person in the world!) all show their faces for one day a year and some good laughter. So grab your drink of choice and enjoy on our expense! ;)

They do say "anything for the shot." From climbing to floor sitting to shooting in the trees.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0002.jpg

If I'm shooting details... just go to the light. You'll find me there. Likely on the floor.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0031.jpg

When I'm not styling & shooting details... I'm styling & shooting food.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0036.jpg

Rompers & a great backpack - that's really all a wedding photographer needs in her closet.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0030.jpg

I'll claim the spot as extra bridesmaid with a camera any day! And love when I get to see my former brides and roommates/friends again and again.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0035.jpg

The token perpetual "testing light" smile...

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0032.jpg

Hot summer days in the South call for fan breaks.

Becky & I both love our black & white jumpsuits. Meagan, however, seems concerned for my odd choice of flower shooting location. ;)

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0034.jpg

Pre-first look pep talks with brides... always a favorite!

"Pictured here: Lauren in her natural habitat. Giddy excitement for a beautiful angle in a space that looks straight out of Tuscany."

On wedding days, I also double as a florist & flight attendant when necessary.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0024.jpg

And the cleaning crew. #brokenglassesandspilleddrinks

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0020.jpg

From creeping in the corner to getting that last shot... receptions always bring some hilarious BTS.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0019.jpg

Interiors photography = mirrors galore.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0008.jpg


Sometimes... you just end up in the shot. Whoops.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0004.jpg

And other times, my amazing couples give ME gifts on the wedding day.

And other times... you just need to sit for a hot sec. Chair not required.

Yoga / ballet poses come in handy.

And occasionally, the guests insist on taking your picture.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0022.jpg
Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0014.jpg

You see a lot of pretty places.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0017.jpg

And even some sneaky faces.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0033.jpg

But I couldn't do any of this without the people who make it possible for my amazing clients. My incredible second shooters & talented friendors.

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0018.jpg

We spend so much time with our couples right alongside the videographers & planners... so you're bound to snap a few winners of them too!

Photographer Behind the Scenes 2017_0015.jpg

And it's extra special when your favorite person in the world and your former roommates are guests!

A huge thank you to those who made this Behind the Scenes post and this business possible. My second shooters deserve endless praise for the hard work they put in every weekend. From beauty capturing to veil fluffing to ring bearer fetching, my second shooters are the best in the biz, IMHO. Couldn't be more grateful to have you as part of the LCP team.

Images of me behind the scenes by Chelsey Dellinger PhotographyCasto PhotographyIvey Gibb PhotographyChristina Pugh Photography, & Aysegul Sanford of Foolproof Living. This year wouldn't be the same without you! And goodness, it was an amazing year!

And if you missed it... a thank you to my amazing couples! And finally, to everyone who has given me the opportunity to capture their food, brand, speak, or share my love for communications and brand strategy: my endless gratitude. 2017 brought so many incredible adventures & opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for making them possible!

Eager to see what 2018 has in store for this business and those I get to do it with! Cheers to an amazing year!

Wedding Photography | A note to my 2017 couples

Merry almost Christmas, friends! It's hard to believe we're already wrapping up the year - and an incredible year, at that! As I prep for Christmas right around the corner, reflect on 2017, and prepare for 2018, I keep coming back to all the things I'm thankful for in this business and life.

Every year brings new adventures, new opportunities, and new couples to the Lauren Carnes Photography family. And yes, it truly does feel like a family. Couples from my earlier years (and even some from this year!) are beginning to have babies, are celebrating new homes, new jobs, and more, and I couldn't be more thrilled for them all.

I'm constantly blown away by the joyful, welcoming, and thoughtful people I get to serve. In years past I have shared an end-of-the-year note to my couples from 2016 and 2015, so to keep in tradition, I'm here for my amazing 2017 couples!

This year introduced me to 11 incredible couples, a few furry side kicks, countless family members & friends, and more. As a wedding photographer, I get to serve couples on one of the most important days of their lives... and often feel more like an extra bridesmaid toting a camera than I do "just a vendor." My couples invite me into decision making processes during wedding planning, chat with me on Instagram DMs throughout the year, and even send me surprises in the mail for a "just because." Like I said: more like a dear friend than just a vendor. And I couldn't be more grateful for that... because let's be real: post wedding day, my couples aren't getting rid of my that easily. I love following along with their adventures and hearing updates on their lives as they begin marriage.

2017 was no different. From Patricia & Stewart's spring day to kick off the year, and Rachel & Dustin's joyful wedding to close, every couple in 2017 brought such a smile to my face. From Augusta to Atlanta to Athens to Columbia, South Carolina, I got to spend the day with 11 of the best couples in the Southeast this year. They were new friends & old, sorority sisters & co-workers, referrals from former brides & from fellow friendors, and more than anything, they were genuinely full of so much joy & love for each other and those around them!

To each of you pictured below, THANK YOU. You'll never know how much I appreciate you all... and how much love looking through your images again and again. I found myself laughing & smiling through happy tears remembering some of the sweetest moments of the year while making this post.

I love y'all! So, without further adieu... I give you the fabulous LCP couples of 2017!

2017 Weddings.jpg

And to my 2018 couples:

With your incredible weddings right around the corner, I am already counting down the days until we get to celebrate together! It's been such a treat already to capture your engagement sessions, hear of your plans, and dream of what's to come for you in married life. It's a good life, I'll tell you that. You all are the best, and I can't wait to see you soon!! 🙌🏻 

Pop back to the notes to:

My 2016 Couples | My 2015 Couples

Augusta, GA Interior Design Photography | Brittany Cason Interior Design

Clean lines & pops of color, modern style meets traditional elegance... these are some of the reasons I love capturing spaces dreamed up by Brittany Cason Interior Design. Her interiors never cease to amaze me & make me rethink every room in my home. 😂 Here are a few favorites from our recent shoot together! Excited for more to come!

Augusta GA Interior Design Photography_0001.jpg
Augusta GA Interior Design Photography_0004.jpg

New York City Engagement Photographer | Sarah & James

Capturing a couple's story is one of my favorite things about being a photographer! I always love when the engagement session showcases the couple's life during the wedding planning season, and Sarah & James' situation was no different! When I first met Sarah & her mother to talk all things wedding plans, we chatted about how she and James met & live in New York City. Immediately, I knew if they chose to do an engagement session, New York would be the perfect spot, especially in the fall! They would be getting married in Aiken, SC, a place near and dear to Sarah & her family's heart, but what fun it would be to have a few photos in the city to add to their home.

While I was there, New York pulled out all the stops on the gorgeous level (and on the record breaking low temperatures for the day!), and Sarah & James' style couldn't have been more perfect. Can we just talk about her hat & coat? I need!

It may have been quite chilly, but these two were huge troopers, and the cold just encouraged more snuggly, cozy photos!  I couldn't love the results more - these two look absolutely classic & effortless strolling through Madison Square Park and Central Park with the city in the backdrop! I simply can't wait for their wedding in May at The Reserve Club at Woodside Plantation! Excited to celebrate these two!

Central Park Engagement Photos New York City_0005.jpg

Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer | Jill & Kurt

There are some couples who literally just make you smile all day long. Jill & Kurt are one of those couples. Jill's sweetness & joyful smile paired with Kurt's contagious enthusiasm made this day one to remember. Add to that so many amazing things: from the color palette (obsessed with those unique dusty rose bridesmaids dress!), to the getting ready & portrait spot (a family friend's home!) that looked straight out of a Tuscan villa, to their ceremony at the church where many of her family members all said I do - Jill & Kurt's wedding was something special.

Plus, you'll even catch an appearance of Kurt in a pretty snazzy mullet wig/headband. Impressive to say the least... and a perfect example of his hilariousness! Meanwhile, Jill is always cracking up nearby & enjoying every moment! I loved their Southern roots & classic style, and simply loved their day.

Finally, something happened after this wedding that has never happened to me before... and I couldn't have loved it more. I sent over their gallery of images, and they Facetimed me immediately from their honeymoon IN FIJI - all to say thank you!! They said a text wouldn't have done it justice. :) I couldn't wipe that silly smile off my face after if I tried! Now, I am so excited to share their images with you!!

Jill & Kurt, your wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. I love how you love each other. Jill, you began to tear up at just the thought of reading Kurt's letter to you. And Kurt, you were about to jump out of your skin with excitement for the first look... so much so that we moved the timing around so you could see your bride even sooner! I don't think you two stopped smiling once that day - and the only thing that could have made it even more perfect was if Remy had been present! But we'll just have to get some photos of you 3 again soon! ;) Thank you so much for having me capture your wedding & all the fun with it!

To see more photos from their wedding process, check out Jill's bridal session & their engagement session!

Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0012.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0017.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0018.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0024.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0027.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0028.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0032.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0036.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0039.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Marbury Center_0040.jpg

Wedding Coordinator: Kim Brown | Makeup & Hair: Cucumber & Mint | Videographer: Justin Peay Productions | Florist: Opus Weddings and Designs | Cake: Jennifer’s Cakes | Catering: Roux's Catering | Band: Anita and the Party Life | Gown: Pronovias from Nitsa’s Formal Wear in Charlotte, NC | Bridesmaid's Dresses: Jenny Yoo at Bella Bridesmaids | Minister: Wes Gardner | Pianist: Mary Lynn Eubank | Ceremony: Kiokee Baptist Church | Reception: Marbury Center | Second Shooter: Ivey Gibb Photography

Augusta, GA Bridal Portrait Photography | Jill

Bridal portrait sessions: one of my favorite things about the wedding experience... and one of the hardest things to wait to share! I am so excited to finally showcase these beauties! Jill's classic Southern look was beyond lovely & she has the heart to match it. And look at those eyes! Now, I'll leave you with her timeless style - and I can't wait to share all of the images from her wedding day! It was amazing! Congrats to the new Mrs. Meadows!

Florals: Marie Davis with Opus Weddings & Designs | Gown: Pronovias from Nitsa’s Formal Wear in Charlotte, NC | Makeup & Hair: Crystal Atkins of Cucumber & Mint

Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Redcliffe Plantation Bridal Session Jill_0003.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Redcliffe Plantation Bridal Session Jill_0004.jpg

Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer | Rachel & Dustin

It's not every day you find a couple as in love as Rachel & Dustin. It's hard to describe just quite how special their relationship is - seeing their love for each other and their families is inspiring. In fact, when I asked Rachel for any "important" photos I should be sure to capture, she brought up just a few: 1. Special heirloom jewelry in her family (for some stunning detail photos!); 2. Her and Dustin's first look (which resulted in some of my favorite couples portraits I've ever shot!!); 3. Her and her dad's first look (so darn precious); and a photo of the two of them, both sets of parents, and her sister & brother-in-law. That right there says to me that this couple values their family's legacy and the future they are building together. Plus, you'll see below some of the cutest family formals that we captured of them all!

Finally, their dance party was so darn fun, and there couldn't have been a better way to close out my 2017 wedding season! Working alongside the fabulous Greg Boulus Events & Charleston Street Fine Flowers is always a dream. This wedding with them was made extra special, as I originally met Rachel while she was working as a planner for their company. Their fall wedding day couldn't have been more gorgeous, and these high school sweethearts certainly found a special love in each other!

Below are a few of my favorite images (it was SO hard to choose!) of their day! You can find Rachel's beautiful Bridal Portrait session & their engagement photos on the blog too!

Rachel & Dustin, you two seriously made my year seeing the way you two beam with love for each other. It's something super special, and your joy on the wedding day was an honor to capture. Rachel, having you as a client and even more as a friend has been so special, and Dustin, you two complement each other perfectly. Thank you so much for rounding out this year in such a perfect way! Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Moore!

Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0005.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0006.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0009.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0014.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0023.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0026.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0031.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0033.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0035.jpg
Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Fairview Presbyterian Legends Club_0042.jpg

Wedding Coordinator, Design, & Florals: Greg Boulus Events & Charleston Street Fine Flowers | Stationery: KE design studio | Cake: Lila Greene | Catering: Frog Hollow Tavern | DJ: DJ Wade / OtherBrother Entertainment | Makeup Artist: Lacey Ferguson | Hairstylist: Devon Puckett | Gown: Anne Barge from The House of the Bride | Bridesmaid's Dresses: Bill Levkoff from The House of the Bride | Men's Suits: Jos. A. Bank | Ceremony Coordinator: Whitney Johnson of The House of the Bride | Ceremony: Fairview Presbyterian Church | Reception: The Legends Club | Second Shooter: Christina Pugh Photography

Augusta, GA Bridal Portrait Photographer | Rachel

This past weekend I celebrated with the most amazing of couples for my final wedding of the year (where has 2017 gone?!)! We've been looking forward to this one for quite some time, and it was even more lovely than I could have imagined because Rachel & Dustin are just so completely in love! More from their day soon, but for now, I am thrilled to share her bridal portrait session after much anticipation!

I first met Rachel when she was working as a planner for Greg Boulus Events and Charleston Street Fine Flowers - the amazing team behind her florals, planning, & design. Always having her behind the scenes on wedding days working together is such fun... so when she was officially engaged and reached out about her big day, I couldn't have been more honored to capture it. It was her turn to be the bride!

Rachel is beautiful inside and out, and full of so much joy. She truly looked like a real life princess in her gorgeous Anne Barge gown from House of the Bride! I absolutely love the full skirt, off the shoulder straps, and simple buttons down the back of the dress. And extra fun fact... it has POCKETS. So basically, best addition to a dress, ever.

Plus, the weather went from totally normal to whipping winds within minutes during her engagement session, and she braved it with true Southern class & ease! Here is a tiny peek at the beauty of her North Augusta, SC bridal portrait session. I am so excited to share these and can't wait to showcase all the images from their wedding day soon!

Augusta GA Wedding Photographer Hammonds Ferry Bridal Session Rachel_0003.jpg

N Home Magazine | Christmas Brunch Tablescape & Interiors

You may remember the stunning Thanksgiving tablescape & interior design photo shoot for N Home Magazine I shared not long ago, and today I'm sharing part 2 of this amazing interiors editorial shoot I did with with Susan Victor of Nandina Home & Design and Karin Jeffcoat of Cote Designs in Aiken, SC. From Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas brunch, Karin shares her tips for holiday entertaining around a table - and this light, bright, & airy sunroom Christmas brunch is what Christmas morning meal dreams are made of! Simple & beautiful, the tablescape & interiors highlights Karin's European heritage and influence. The sugared fruit topped cake & delicious brunch foods add to the ambiance of this beautiful space! Be sure to check out the full spread on holiday entertaining around the table in the Fall/Winter issue of the magazine! And thank you to Susan & Karin for all of the beauty to capture!

Georgia South Carolina Interior Design Photographer Nandina_0008.jpg