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No one really knows what to expect when their significant other begins an intense post-graduate degree. I think that is especially true for medical school, and most especially as part of the first class of medical students at a particular school.

Four years ago my then boyfriend, now husband, began a journey unlike any other. As one of 40 medical students kicking off the MCG/UGA Medical Partnership in Athens, GA, Chip and his classmates tackled anatomy lab, hospital rotations, residency interviews and more. While it may have been a long road (and seemingly one without a light at the end of the tunnel at times), we made incredible friends, learned a lot (and I learned way more than I'd ever need to know about the body), and ultimately, I had the privilege of watching Chip grow into a compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate doctor.

About a month ago, Chip and his classmates graduated as the first class of the Medical Partnership. With graduation festivities for an entire week, they were certainly celebrated well. There may or may not have been some proud wife tears. Here are a few favorites from the festivities!

Graduation Blog1_2.jpg
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Chip's dad is also a doctor, so this was a very special time for their family to see Chip graduate from medical school.

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I couldn't be prouder of this man for his huge accomplishment and all that he has done. Now, we're on to new adventures as he begins 5 years of residency training in Augusta, GA at MCG for Urology. A huge congratulations to all of the graduates and good luck as they travel near and far for their programs. We can't wait to visit!