Yellow Dogs on the Farm | Personal

There is something special about a dog. Dogs become part of the family in a way that is unlike any other. While working from home, my yellow lab mix (and best bud) Sophie is my shadow. She sleeps at my feet while I edit and follows me to the kitchen when I make lunch... and reminds me that it's time to get up and play in the afternoon.

Recently we traveled to my friend Britt's house for a day of play on her amazing farm. Britt and I have been long-time e-mail and Instagram friends and recently got to meet in person. From the moment I saw her love for her 2 yellow labs on Instagram, I knew we'd be fast friends. That we were, and so were our pups. Here's a snippet of our day:


Our trip was such a treat (see what I did there?)! We can't wait to visit again, Britt, Riley & Lexi!