Austin, Texas | Travel Photography

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I hopped on a plane last week to head to Austin, TX for an engagement session with the most kind-hearted of couples, Jordan & Ethan!

The trip couldn't have been more perfect... until the airport literally shut down on my way home because the air traffic controller flash flooded. Wow - never have I heard over the intercom that the airport was "closed!" Insert "wide eyes emoji" here. Thank goodness for, A. Jordan & her family's kindness in checking in on me until they knew I was heading home safe & sound!, B. Delta Assist helping me book another fight home when mine was cancelled. And C. Running into my sweet friend, Holly, of the Birdsong | Louis Photography Team in the airport, so we got to hang all day! And thankfully, I was able to help her coordinate to catch my same flight home with her sweet little boy, Hunter, so we could all travel from Atlanta to Augusta together and she could make it back for her wedding the following day! Whew. It was quite an adventure, but I was so thankful for all of us to be safe & sound late that night and for a quiet day at home to relax on Saturday!

But, back to my arrival and time in Austin before the monsoon! ;) I arrived in Austin the day before the session to location scout and have options for session times in case Friday's storm happened to sneak into Thursday (but thankfully our weather for the session was a dream!!).

About a week before the trip, I also discovered that my dear friend & former co-worker, Jessica, would be in Austin from San Francisco that same day! She is actually who I bought my very first DSLR camera from (a Canon Rebel XS!), so it only seemed fitting that my engagement session adventure to Austin would include her exploring with me as I hunted for the best spots to shoot.

I flew in & met up with her for lunch, after which we headed toward The Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria. On our way, Jessica mentioned we would be passing an iconic Austin mural at the shop of none other than one of the men she interviewed during her time as Producer for the Aha Moment Tour. This is the same tour that I led the PR team for while working for See.Spark.Go years ago. Jessica and I worked hand-in-hand for quite a while in this realm. I'd book her for interviews, pre-sunrise morning shows and radio chats, and she'd rock every single one of them for me to capture and report back to our team & client.

We stopped by Roadhouse Relics to be uber-touristy in front of the mural and to see if we could catch Todd in his studio. You can find Todd's aha moment here! In true Jessica & Lauren form, we fell right into our past roles, only this time, a bit switched up: Jessica began chatting with Todd and asking for updates in his career & art, and I began capturing the the "interview." Y'all, Jessica is mad-talented and endlessly curious, with such a great heart that genuinely cares about the people in front of her. I love to capture stories unfolding and share them with others. With this, we were quickly reminded that we make a pretty darn good team. After we finished there, it was fun to have her along for the ride while I explored Laguna Gloria before she headed back to California!

The following day, I explored a bit in Austin before meeting up with Jordan & Ethan for their session, and had to visit the signature "i love you so much" wall at Jo's Coffee on South Congress.

Plus, for all of the people who haven't been to Austin, note: "I wish you were here." Visit, ASAP. You won't regret it. Finally, I love all of the succulents & cacti alongside the road, and how fun the variety is in restaurants and patios. We finished out the day after the amazing engagement session at Olive & June, where I got to hear all about Jordan & Ethan's stories and relationship over homemade pasta. Amazing!

It was such an honor to capture their love in their town & always such fun to get to travel doing what I love! This trip was no exception! Now, I can't wait to return to Austin in the future, and even more so for Jordan & Ethan to come to Atlanta for their big day in May!

To see more images from the last time I visited (and fell in love with) Austin, check out this blog post.