Wedding Photography | A note to my 2015 couples

This year was one for the record books, friends! As I sit down to reflect on what an amazing year it was, I can't help but get a little nostalgic and teary thinking about the people who made it so very special. There are people who have believed in Lauren Carnes Photography from the beginning - and those people have been crucial helping this dream become a reality! 

This year contained record-breaking awesomeness - including 24 amazing couples who invited me into their stories and lives to capture their first day of marriage. Y'all - the first day of their lives together... the first day of their "forever." I get to be a part of that! Pretty darn cool. As I choke back a few tears of gratitude for their support and love, I have a little note to share for those 48 joyful, genuine souls:

To my 2015 couples:

As the year winds down and 2016 is coming right around the corner, I have had the chance to look back on the most amazing year of my life. A line from a Mumford & Sons song I love says: "Where you invest your love, you invest your life." In photography, there are few things I love more than the experiences with you all: the chance to personally get to know each of my couples, to come alongside you and share your stories, and finally, to encourage and serve you in your relationship. Each of you has inspired me in such a unique way. From the way you treat your mothers, fathers and families - those who have invested so much into your lives - to the way you intentionally design and plan your wedding day story and details to reflect who you are as a couple, to the way you love. Oh, how you love! 

The love you share for each other is truly inspiring. Coming up on 4 years of marriage in March, I still remember our wedding day so fondly, and look back on our album often as I walk by the coffee table in our living room. Every weekend I spend with you all, the multiple e-mails, fun planning and more, I'm reminded of the benefits of investing your love in each other to invest in your life. You all remind me of those butterflies, happy tears and precious memories from our wedding day when I see the twinkle in your eyes during the first look, the tears of joy walking down the aisle, utter awe in seeing your gorgeous florals and reception decor for the first time, and the laughter during epic dance parties. Consistently, the 48 of you shows that investing in each other, in being a team together forever... that's truly a precious gift.

As we close out the year of your wedding, I am beyond thrilled to see what is in store for your marriage. Don't be surprised if I keep stalking your Instagrams & Facebooks as you celebrate 1-year, build your homes together, raise sweet families (and puppies!), travel, and really "do life" together. Thank you for making my first full year of Lauren Carnes Photography WAY more than I could have imagined. Thank you for helping create a legacy in my business while creating a legacy for your lives! And thank you for your endless love and support. I'll always give you mine, sweet friends.

All my love. - Lauren

And now, for my 2016 couples:

I simply can't wait for all that is in store for you! The season of engagement is one of the sweetest I can remember, and I cannot wait for how you invest in your loves to invest in your lives. I am beyond honored to celebrate your wedding day this upcoming year and all of the joy and beauty that comes with it! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your wedding experience! There are such big things in store for 2016, friends, and I'm so thankful for it all!