Food Photographer | Peach Clementine Martini

Rumor has it that tomorrow is National Martini Day!

It just so happens to be that a couple weeks ago I was at the liquor store dreaming up cocktails to craft and shoot and I came across a vodka I hadn't seen elsewhere:  Fruitland Augusta Peach Vodka. When asking the store clerk, he mentioned people had been mixing it with things like orange juice for a peach mimosa and or with champagne for an delicious bellini. I was sold pretty quickly based on the sound of those cocktails, and the even moreso by the story behind the brand.

As you may know, I'm based here in Augusta, GA, home to the Masters and one of the world's most beautiful golf courses, the Augusta National. However, prior to the days of the National, the property was home to Fruitland Nurseries and the place that put Georgia on the map for being the famous "peach state." To a girl born and raised in the great state of Georgia and quite fond of peaches, I loved hearing this and the inspiration behind the vodka. You can read more about Fruitland Nurseries' history and how this vodka came to be here. 

So, inspired by some great ideas for recipes, tonight I bring you the Peach Clementine Martini made with Fruitland Augusta Peach Vodka and Izze Clementine. Super refreshing and perfect for hot Augusta summers! Enjoy! And Happy National Martini Day!