Augusta, GA Family Photographer | Luke

Waking up for a sunrise session is so worth it when you get to spend the morning with a little as precious and smiley as Luke. Luke's mom, Laura, was the President of an organization I was a part of as a freshman in college. When I first was initiated, she took the "Tater Tots" under her wing like a mama and was such guidance for us in our first year of college. After she moved and got married to her husband, Jake who was first a medical student, then resident, and now doctor, she and I stayed in touch as she guided me through each season of the (long) road to doctorship as my husband walks that path.

She's still guiding and encouraging me, so when I found out their sweet family would be moving back to Augusta, I was thrilled! And then I was even more excited when I found out that Luke would be celebrating his 1st birthday upon arrival and they would love to capture some photos of him at the same place they took their engagement photos, got married, and Luke was baptized. Talk about great legacy at Church of the Good Shepherd for their family! Luke was a champ at our session and his big grin is just the sweetest! I think we have a biologist on our hands, too, because he loved the leaves, pinestraw and grass and found treasures as he scooted around! Happy 1st birthday, Luke! Excited to watch you grow!