Featured on DESIGN X FIVE | #WetPaint Series

There are some people in life who always wow you with their warmth, encouragement and adventure - Kristen is one of those people. She and I were sorority sisters in college and share a love of all things creative. We both happened to meet our loves while studying abroad in Spain - and while I stayed in the States for mine, she moved across the ocean to France for hers!

I've so enjoyed hearing about her adventures living there & seeing her amazing lettering, design & loveliness through DESIGN X FIVE! I'm honored to be featured on her series #WetPaint with 5 fun downloadable screensaves/wallpapers! These are some from my travels & foodie-ventures in honor of our mutual love of those things! Hear a bit more from my heart and find the downloads on her blog! Thank you so much for sharing, Kristen!