Product Photography | TakoSushi Menu for Wier / Stewart

When I was in high school, my best friend's dad would take us for "sushi challenges" to a local seafood restaurant where we would have to eat anything he ordered. He started us off with the basic California Roll, and quickly we advanced to being experts on tuna tartare and knowing yellowtail was our favorite sashimi. I was hooked (pun intended!).

Fast forward to moving to Augusta, GA and discovering TakoSushi - what has become our most frequented restaurant in town & a common date night for the Carnes household. A Southwest/Asian fusion, favorites on the menu include the Lobster Roll with Wasabi Pepper Vinaigrette, Tempura Asparagus, and Southwest Tuna Tartare - essentially spicy tuna guacamole served with tortilla chips. Tuna & avocado? Yes, please, thank you.

When Wier / Stewart sent me home with their amazing menu design to style & shoot, I was pretty excited - a perfect excuse to craft up a margarita & "research" the best prop options (aka eat all the sushis). I absolutely love the rustic, Southwestern vibe alongside the chopsticks & vibrant sushi rolls to complement their menu. In fact, the design with these images was featured on The Art of the Menu! Here are a few of my favorite images from their shoot.