Lindsay Gilmore Illustration Feature | Celebration Series

When real life friendships turn into creative friendships, something special happens. Recently I was featured on my sweet friend Lindsay's "Celebration Series" sharing about creativity, life & what I would serve if I ever ran a food truck (dream!). Lindsay and I share so many similarities in our lives: sorority sisters, UGA Grady journalism folks, marrying medical students, moving to new cities for residency, and more - so being able to be a part of what she is doing through her new endeavors & talent in the creative realm is so exciting. I'm truly honored she decided to share my story, and not to mention, illustrate me in pen & ink! 

She is someone who I have always looked up to in the way she leads her life, lives full of joy & adventure, and loves her people well. This girl is beyond talented and crazy encouraging and I'm so grateful to be featured alongside her amazing illustrations & words. I encourage you to check it out and to peruse her phenomenal work! Thank you for sharing, Lindsay!