Lauren Carnes Photography | Behind the Scenes 2016

It's no doubt I love a good behind the scenes shot. I love that they peel back the veil (ha... pun intended) and show a bit of what it's actually like to experience a day in the life of LCP. There is a lot of sweat, a lot of laughter, quite a bit of hustle, and some seriously expressive eyebrows/weird facial expressions. Today you get to experience a behind the scenes look at LCP in 2016, featuring some commentary on the ridiculousness that is these photos, as well as some behind the scenes of the second shooters themselves who make all this possible! Oh it's a glorious post for sure! Enjoy!

"Here, let me give you a pep talk."

Be prepared for some really beautiful images of me in 3, 2, 1...

Photographing details is always super glamorous, especially when it entails posting up in the driveway.

Find Lauren...

LCP Behind the Scenes_0001.jpg

They do say "anything for the shot!"

Oh... you mean like that one time I got my bride stuck in a mud pit on a golf cart in her gown. Totally normal.

Light testing is always a beauty.

It's a rare occasion I sneak a peek to the couple of their portraits, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

"Oh you don't know how to cut the cake? No worries, let my get my flight attendant arms out for a quick demonstration."

I won't lie... pictures of groomsmen laughing make me like to believe I'm hilariously funny... when in reality I probably said something awkward or simply just asked them to smile at each other... ;)

The behind the scenes beauty/mirror selfies of food styling & photography. Once again... glamorous on the ground.

LCP Behind the Scenes_0012.jpg

That photo below of me looking up at the row of sparklers about to be lit? Pure fear.

Oh my gosh that laugh... but also... that deer!

Dinner: finally! Also... cat friend helping style details.

See center right: that's when I realize I am in the shot... woops.

I now bring you another rendition of: Lauren's weird expressions while speaking.

Also, the joy of seeing former brides and grooms at my couple's weddings! And then meeting apparently my twin in the bottom right corner!

And it wouldn't be a behind the scenes post without BTS of the folks who make these BTS images possible: my amazing second shooters, friends and more! Sorry not sorry in advance to you all... especially Chelsey, who you'll find doing things like shielding a hot spot of sun with her body, saving the day with her bow tying skills, and more.

I've taught her well on the flight attendant ways.

Remember I said anything for the shot: Becky's even willing to climb under the table.

Amy, featured below... she was a champ this day. In fact, she even got electrocuted when taking a picture of a baby lamb. Bless.

Planners & videographers - the two vendors we hang with most on a wedding day!

And thank goodness for my second shooters, who stand in for all my light, deal with my shenanigans, and even let loose a little with me when that perfect song comes on!

Special shout-out to those who made this Behind the Scenes post (and the year!) possible. I couldn't be more grateful for my second shooters and how they consistently support me and can basically read my mind on a wedding day. You all are gems beyond belief, and such dear friends to me. I am so proud of the photographers and people are, and honored to have you serve as part of the LCP team! Images of me behind the scenes by Chelsey Dellinger Photography, Casto Photography, Amy J. Owen PhotographyCarrie Joy PhotographyPaige Molina Photography, Tiffany Loera, Ivey Gibb Photography, Austyn Elizabeth PhotographyMackenzie Leigh, and Jon-Michael Sullivan Photography. And a special personal thank you to each of you:

Chelsey, you and I spent more Saturdays together this year than I even did with my husband... and I wouldn't have wanted to do that with anyone else. You're a woman of God, such a joy, so thoughtful and insanely talented. Thank you will never even do it justice.

Becky, you were my Chelsey of 2015 - the person who helped launch LCP to where it is today, and you're still one of my biggest cheerleaders and go-to girls for anything I could possibly need.

Amy, goodness you're such a light in this world. Your laughter is contagious and you don't skip a beat (even if you get electrocuted on a wedding day). Thank you for being an inspiration to us rising photographers to show us that family life is possible in this industry!

Carrie Joy, your name says it all: you are truly a joy! Thank you for loving my clients you join for on wedding days like you love your own. I so appreciate your honesty and sweet friendship!

Paige, you are precious and so much fun - and such a hard worker! Thank you for joining me on a wedding day without even having ever met! Now... I'm so excited for your 2017 with a new babe on the way!!

Tiffany, to think that we met at the Leaders Retreat less than a year ago makes me laugh. We truly are kindred spirits. I admire you so much, friend, and can't wait for January to come!

Ivey, what began as simply needing a last minute second shooter turned into a dear friendship. Your love of Jesus and servant-hearted nature is an inspiration, and I'm honored to see your adventures to unfold.

Austyn, you are another one of these women who shows me beyond a shadow of a doubt that family comes first, and photography is an extra added bonus. Your work is stunning, but your heart shines brighter. So grateful to know you - even if it's on complete opposite sides of the country... countdown to Cali begins!

Mackenzie, holy smokes... not only are you so joyful, hilarious and downright talented, but you're about to leave for Uganda for 2 years to serve. I can't wait to see how He uses your talents and heart for Amazima!

Jon-Michael, it's not common that a groom makes the behind the scenes thank you's, but capturing the styled shoot alongside you was such fun. You have an eye that absolutely blows my mind. Your drive and dedication is second to none, and I'm so excited to see what is in store for you!

To everyone who makes wedding days possible: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You do not go unnoticed. You make the couples and families experience joy, memories and heartfelt gratitude for one of the most important days of their lives. And if you missed it... a thank you to my amazing couples!

And finally, to everyone who has given me the opportunity to capture their food, brand, speak or share my love for communications and brand strategy: I couldn't be more grateful. Seeing my passions get brought to life through this business is the most encouraging and exciting thing I could imagine. While the behind the scenes isn't always glamorous, the process and final product are so, so worth it. I am excited and expectant for what is in store for 2017!