San Francisco Engagement Photographer | Geales & Craig

Geales and I go way back... like back to middle school days back. Back when we all thought chokers were cool (oh wait... you mean to tell me, that's now??? wait... what?!). Sorry, back to regularly scheduled programming... Geales and I go way back. And then, we went to separate high schools, but when college time came again, we reunited in our beloved AOPi sorority! Our friendship has been such a blessing to me. Geales is one of the kindest people I know. She's also incredibly smart, an HR genius at Google in San Francisco, and a super-human marathon runner.

Then, there's Craig! Now, I've only met Craig briefly before while shooting Wendy & Travis' Athens wedding where Geales was a bridesmaid, but getting to spend time with them together in San Francisco was such a treat. Craig is another one of the kindest people ever, incredibly smart, a teacher genius for a school in the Bay area, and a super-human marathon runner. When Geales first began describing him on the phone one day when they had met, I responded: "So basically, he sounds like a male version of you?!"

Needless to say, they are the sweetest match, and the chance to capture their love is such an honor. I can.not.wait for their wedding this summer and to see my precious Gealesy become a beautiful bride and how much laughter and joy their is on their day! Now, a few of my favorites from their engagement session (where we snuck around the rain all day!).