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Jul 6, 2015

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4th of July weekend is always one full of amazing food. A tradition in my husband’s family is to make homemade ice cream for Independence Day. Since he was on-call at the hospital all weekend, and we weren’t able to visit family to celebrate and indulge, I decided to make our favorite homemade banana ice cream recipe as a celebration! We’re huge Alton Brown fans and his Homemade Banana Ice Cream recipe from Good Eats certainly does not disappoint.

While Chip was tending to surgery, I took to the kitchen to style the ice cream in a few different ways with some tasty toppings. When asked about food styling, I often tell people that there is no wrong way to style and shoot food. Much of it is just giving it a go to see what you like and defining the reasons why! 

What makes the food jump off the page or screen for you? With a background in public relations, to me every image tells a story. Here you’ll see with simple tweaks of toppings, napkins and bowls, the exact same setting and food can give a bit of a different feel!

For example: to me, the styling with the cherries evokes the feel of a bowl of ice cream at a soda shop counter with a jukebox playing oldies in the background.

This image makes me feel like I’m enjoying a bowl of ice cream on a summer afternoon right from the churn on the back porch, complete with mint picked from the backyard garden!

And this image makes me feel like I’m kicking my feet up and indulging in a bowl of ice cream with freshly baked gingerbread cookies after a long day. The spoon in the bowl looks like I could dive right in for a scoop!

And finally, add in a few other bowls and you’re ready for an ice cream party with friends! Just make sure to eat up before it all melts!

Regardless of how it’s styled and photographed, there is no denying that this ice cream is an amazing treat! What is your favorite flavor or topping combination? I’m always up for a new recipe to try!

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