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Oct 19, 2016

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Date nights for Chip and me always involve good food… and more often than not consist of dinner or drinks at one of our favorite restaurants in town. This is the time we find we have the best quality conversation, with no e-mails or beepers to distract us and no dishes to clean. One of our favorite places in town, and what we fondly call “our second kitchen” is Abel Brown. It’s literally 4 minutes from our house and the perfect spot for us to sit at the bar and grab a drink after a long day (all while learning a few lessons from the incredibly talented bartender). 

When they reached out for to schedule a session for food photography, I couldn’t have been more excited. It’s such a special place to us, and so having the opportunity to shoot all of their deliciousness made it that much more special. Chef Todd Schafer is a genius in pairing flavors and creating dishes that with depth; plus, his plating is beautiful! It certainly made the experience of styling and shooting their dishes an awesome one. From the beautiful oysters (Imperial and Rockefellar) to the delicious cocktails, to the flavorful entrees and desserts, each dish brings its own to the table. Finally, not only are they one of our favorite places in town, but their whole team is so kind and welcoming. I am so excited to share these images and thrilled with what we captured for their fall menu. Now I can’t wait to get to visit and try everything again (and again and again!). 

  1. Kate says:

    Gorgeous food captured by amazing photography. Great work!

  2. hanna hill says:

    wow you have such a creative and beautiful way of making me want to drive right to this restaurant and eat it all!

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