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Sep 12, 2018

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When dear friends have babies, it is something OH so special. And, then when the baby is as darling as Rylan, and the nursery is as spectacularly designed & DIYed as this one (Annick owns Revel Post & is fabulously talented not only at lettering & watercolor, but also at home decor & DIY renos!), and the family is as cute as Annick, Alec, and AVETT… you can’t help but love it. Also, Avett… let’s just talk about how he is the cutest big furry brother & such a lovable goofball. One of my favorite photos of all time is in this blog post… can you guess which one? Hint: pup & babe snuggles.

Annick is one of Chip’s best friends from college! When we discovered that Annick & Alec would be moving to Augusta for Alec’s emergency medicine residency, we were thrilled to have friends coming to town. They stayed with us during interviews and right when they moved as they were getting their house situated, and we’ve enjoyed many a Mexican dinner & game night together in the past year or so. But by far, the sweetest time has been celebrating this season of pregnancy together and seeing them become parents. It’s been such a blessing, and we can’t wait for Rylan & Baby C to be besties! I’m so excited to share a few of my favorites from their lifestyle newborn session!

Welcome to the world, Rylan Mae Coston! You are so loved by so many!

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