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Oct 17, 2018

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There are a lot of phrases about mothers.

First comes to mind: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…” Fortunately, I have a pretty awesome mama, which led to a pretty happy household growing up. I still to this day don’t quite know how the heck she managed it all… and as I get closer to our baby boy arriving (2 months and counting!), I’m reminded of some of the incredible things about her… and the most important daily wisdom she ever imparted.

A bit of background:


  • worked a full time job (and commuted an hour into Atlanta traffic woof.)
  • took her girls to two different daycares
  • had a homemade dinner on the table every night (my childhood favorite? what we affectionately call “hot dog stew” – and what is actually much less terrible than the name conveys… but I digress)
  • made sure that we actually turned into semi-normal human beings (along with my daddio, of course. Also, should be noted: normal is a relative term here…)
  • ran the world (this one? not confirmed, but I’m fairly certain it’s true.)

*SOS mom, please share your secrets*

I could go on and on with endless bullet points about my supermom, but moral of the story: she had it going on. Joan Locher knows what’s up, people.

Like, she really knows… and to take a cue from another phrase that rings true:

“Mother knows best.”

Over my nearly 30 years of life, there is something I’ve learned – and it’s that while that phrase isn’t 100% true every day (hate to break it to you mama, but I love youuuu)… when in doubt, my girl Joanie has some sage wisdom to share.

Ever since the days of young adulthood began with endless cheer practices and yearbook deadlines and AP exams, there is one phrase she’s shared more times than I can count.

And sometimes I just need the reminder… and bet you do too…

So here it is for today’s encouragement from mother Joanie:

you’ll get it done, you always do

As a chronic-(over)committer, I’ve always had a lot of plates in the air. And in that moment when they feel like they might all come crashing down at once, mama hands that token wisdom over on a silver platter.
She offers a trade.

For all those plates, she offers up one of a reminder of a consistent past narrative that looks strikingly similar with all the panic & overwhelm… but at the end of that spinning, there is an ease & celebration of accomplishment to come. The plates get tucked away in their respective cabinets, saved for another day (when they’ll inevitably return… and she’ll remind me of her wisdom again).

That one phrase? That’s Joan’s token.

She hands it over, drops the mic, and moves along to saving the life of one more rescue dog (her passion!). That’s just how she does it… for 15+ years, and still to this very week.

Do you ever feel that overwhelm of all the plates and wish you could just have someone trade you for the silver platter of “you’ll-get-it-doneness?”

It’s a vote of confidence. A reminder that: you’ll get it done, you always do. You’ve done it before, and you’ll do it again. You’re the same you, and that’s all you can be.

So, friend, in case you need this reminder today:

you’ll get it done, you always do

Because since you’re here, I know one thing about you: you’re on the road to something big. You might be in the rolling hills (of nothingness) right now, but you’re on your way… and that destination feels far, but I see it on the horizon for you.

And one more reminder? You’re doing big things. And you’re getting them done… one step at a time.

So after years and years of the overwhelm by the endless list, I’ve learned one tip on my own that I recommend you employ:

How to battle the to do list overwhelm

  1. Make a list of everything you have to get done… brain dump it… get it all out on paper.
  2. Prioritize. Chip taught me about triage in the hospital… some things get top priority – the number 1 thing that MUST happen right this instant… others are 5’s. Those are the non-emergencies. The “colds & sniffles” of the Emergency Room, if you will. It’s nice to tend to them, but real emergencies come first.
  3. Break it down. Break your #1 priority down into a list of action items that can be accomplished within 30 minutes. Reina taught me that… and goodness it’s valuable.
  4. One at a time. Go ahead and tackle that broken down list one item at a time. Don’t think of the 40 others you have to accomplish… you just need to do one. And then another. And another… and pretty sure you’re a quarter of the way day & that momentum is rolling.

That, my friend, is how “you’ll get it done, you always do.” And this time, hopefully a bit more efficiently and with less stress.

So I want to know, friend, what’s one plate you’re spinning that you’re just so worried you’ll drop?

What’s your one “must-get-done” thing on the list that’s causing overwhelm in your life and business?

Comment below or hit me with a DM on the ‘gram. I’m here to chat & cheer you on!

For now, just keeping getting at it, like you always do.

Oh… and go love on your mama. Duh.

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  1. Joan

    October 18th, 2018 at 8:03 am

    Thanks for the mama tribute! Live by lists and stay organized. I make a to do list every single night before I go to bed. And get done what I can the next day by priorities.Get rid of all your clutter in your brain and your material things That just take up space and don’t matter. Take a breath and just keep swimming! It’ll all get done somehow. And ifnot those things will go on the list for the next day. 🙃

  2. Lauren Carnes

    October 18th, 2018 at 8:25 am

    What would we do without our lists?! So thankful for you, mom, and all your wisdom over the years… and your organizational skills! I love you!

  3. Chrissy

    October 23rd, 2018 at 9:42 am

    Breaking down tasks to 30 min increments is so smart! I always set unrealistic expectations for myself and then get upset when I don’t get 3 hours of work done in 1 haha. Great advice!

  4. Lauren Carnes

    October 23rd, 2018 at 11:43 am

    YES! So so agree with that – managing those expectations and breaking down BIG tasks is much less daunting and also much more productive!

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