photographer & communications strategist

Ever since I was a child, I've always been an entrepreneur. Even in the days of having a boss, my main job description detail was "self-starter." Dream something up, tackle it, and share it with the world. Whatever the career, I've always been a marketer & storyteller. 

Both a photographer & communications strategist, I help creative & lifestyle brands get confident in their message & bridge the gap between imagery & copywriting. To create your tried-and-true content creation recipe.
Like wine & cheese... photography & communications...
they just. go. together.

If you and I were co-working, we'd be sitting at my kitchen table with a camera in one hand & laptop full of wordsmithery in the other. We'd meet over a meal (and cocktails) to chat about business & life & marketing & photography. To chat about the visual story & word picture your communications create, regardless of what you're selling.

In communications: I coach creatives & foodies on how to hone in on their messaging so they can show off their craft with ease! It's: Instagram captions, email marketing, website copy, and more. You don't have to be a word nerd to have a way with words... you just need a partner to come alongside you to help make it happen.

As a photographer: I capture images for food, families, brands, & couples. Classic, true to life visual storytelling that showcases memories & emotions you don't want to forget in the way you remembered them (but better). With enthusiasm as a core value, you better believe I'm pumped to hear what's on your calendar.

When I'm not clacking at the keyboard or snapping the perfect shot I'm celebrating life with my husband, Chip, our sweet baby boy, and our rescue pup. We're likely hosting friends, cooking up a meal in our home in Athens, GA, or jet setting on our latest adventure.


All Things Food

Have you ever read the book The 5 Love Languages. I'd say there is actually a secret 6th, and it's food & drink. I love the way it gathers people together, evokes nostalgia, & always brings the party!

Photographing, Cooking, Eating, Talking About

European Travel

My husband and I met while studying abroad among the orange trees in Sevilla, Spain... so travel is in our marriage blood. We have high hopes of living for a stint in Europe one day. Our favorites: Spain, Paris, Italy, London, Munich, Salzburg...
ok... anywhere Scott's Cheap Flights puts on our radar!

Passport is always ready


A Cozy night In

Pop some Ed Sheeran on the record player. Pour a (too full) glass of wine. Get to chopping with a new recipe. And snuggle on the couch with Chip & Sophie & the Parks & Rec gang. That's all I need.

Here's the perfect recipe:


the Coast

Give me the roaring ocean, swaying spanish moss, & a light, salty breeze any day of the week. There is something that just calms the soul when you're at the coast, don't ya think?

East or west? i'll take both.


Toppings Galore

No meal is complete in my world without toppings. I have a firm belief that people who think cilantro tastes like soap are missing out in life, and that coconut chips are God's gift to smoothie bowls.

Smoothie bowls, Grain Bowls, Yogurt bowls



Whoever invented rompers & jumpsuits deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award, because they have transformed my wardrobe for eternity. I mean... who doesn't love wedding-worthy jammies?

aka... glorified pajamas


People who love to eat are
always the best people.

Julia Child