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Last weekend 11 ladies traveled from all over the country to join together for a business retreat – a gal pal getaway if you will. 4 of us have been meeting every other week for 2 years, (& 1 of the other ladies joined us for a year too!), and everyone else was an industry […]

Jul 5, 2018


ICYMI… last week we shared our big (tiny) news! We’re having a baby – and we couldn’t be more thrilled & grateful for this sweet miracle and for all of you celebrating with us! The Lord is good! What I found out as well, is that the day we announced the big news… was also […]

Jun 27, 2018


It’s with SO much joy and gratitude that we get to share: Baby Carnes is arriving December 2018! Oh my, we couldn’t be more grateful & singing all the praises! It’s humbling & an honor to get to be this little babe’s mama, and I absolutely can’t wait to see Chip as a dad… and […]

Jun 21, 2018


It’s rare you find a family you adore like the Peacock family. I had the pleasure of getting to know them all when shooting their oldest daughter Kathryn’s wedding a few years. Since then, I have loved getting to know Kathryn’s little sister, Kemper, at the gym & throughout Augusta! When I saw that Charlie […]

Jun 3, 2018


Oh the beauty that was Sarah & James’ day! You may remember when I captured their gorgeous engagement session in New York City last fall. Sarah & James met & fell in love in the city, both growing up in New England/New York… however, there’s more to that story than meets the eye. James is […]

May 21, 2018


Does the blinking cursor have your palms sweating reminiscent of your middle school dance days? I’m here today with my number 1 writing tip to get you writing like you speak & connecting with your ideal client quickly. You ready? See… I know this girl. LET’S CALL HER “M.” Like many of my friendships in […]

May 2, 2018


MY LIFE IS PRETTY BORING. Most days I sit at a computer for 10+ hours clacking away at emails, doing coaching sessions, & editing images. On the rare occasion I’m out and about shooting or meeting with clients in person. And even rarer I’m adventuring somewhere amazing. THOSE DAYS: CONTENT CREATION IS EASY. But what about […]

Apr 26, 2018


I recently finished reading Robert Cialdini’s Influence diving into the 6 factors of influence & the psychology of selling. My girl, Megan Martin, recommended it, so I knew in an instant it would be worth a look. These were always things I generally knew about… but never knew they had an actual ​name​. After blowing my mind… […]

Apr 19, 2018


You’re sitting staring at the computer… cursor blinking… while you wait for one single lighting bolt of profound inspiration… But then motivation falters & distraction sneaks on in… Your mind starts to wander… AND WHAT DO YOU DO? If you’re anything like every other average American (ahem… yep, you probably are… let’s be honest)… you […]

Apr 18, 2018


Andrea & Patrick’s families have known each other for years, but it wasn’t until almost a year ago to the week that they finally officially met… and the rest is history. And with lots of their history at the country club in town where they both grew up attending, it only seemed fitting they would […]

Apr 16, 2018


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