Rising Tide Society | TuesdaysTogether on Pricing at Cote Designs

TuesdaysTogether days are always one of my favorite days of every month. It's a guaranteed brain booster and I always leave feeling encouraged, full (in heart and belly), and with some great business wisdom! Yesterday's meet-up was the 2nd annual held at Cote Designs! You may remember that last year we had the privilege of learning how to make a bouquet from Karin! It was such a huge hit, and we were so grateful she hosted us again this year. A big thank you to Karin & her team for making it possible! We discussed all things Pricing, and then got to stay after the meeting to play at a Boutonniere Bar. I'm excited to share a few images of the fun and takeaways from our time together:

1. While pricing is a seemingly scary thing to talk about, it is amazing what a welcoming environment of like-minded people can do! Everyone shared openly about their pricing best practices and struggles, and we were all reminded that we've all been "there" and are still "there!" What we all came away with was a bit more confidence in pricing for our bottom line and our worth, creating quality work, and encouraging each other along the way!

2. Being a part of a group that spans everything from photographers to florists to antique shop owners (and this month, even a veterinarian!) reminds you that pricing & business is a bit different for every industry. Some of us offer products, some services, and some a combination of both! For this particular meeting we broke into smaller groups after a large group discussion to get into the nitty-gritty of each individual industry. Photographers could talk package pricing structure while product folks could talk wholesale. Having the chance to really hone in on our particular type of business was so valuable and eye opening! And the general consensus, we all have similarities and differences, but everyone does what works for their particular situation and their ideal client!

3. Finally, every time I have the chance to learn the in's and out's from other creative industries, I gain so much respect for all they do! What seems like a simple little boutonniere takes time and practice to create, all with principles and tools of the trade I never would have imagined. It was amazing to see how Karin creates bouts that will last through endless hugs and withstand the heat of Augusta! Thank you so much for sharing, Karin, and giving us all a little flower love!

Such a great day - and I can't wait for July's meeting! If you're local to Augusta and interested in being a part, join the Facebook group! And if you're not in Augusta, find a chapter near you or join the fun & education of the Rising Tide Society online!