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Sep 14, 2015

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When I first met Aubrey & Daniel through our Augusta realtor (more on that to come!) – who happens to be Aubrey’s mom – I was so excited to get to spend some quality time with them when they came to visit Augusta from their current home, Washington D.C.! After some brainstorming, we scheduled their engagement session for sunrise at Hopelands Gardens – anticipating a breakfast picnic complete with mimosas and homemade quiche. Aubrey & Daniel didn’t want the “typical” engagement session, so we were excited for an “activity” as the perfect option! I was completely sold – I mean, how fun is that! Involve food & drink in anything and I’m pretty much guaranteed “in!” Then, the night before their session, delayed flights, missed connections and lost baggage meant we needed to rehash our plans!

Remembering our conversation during our initial meeting about penchants for craft cocktails, I immediately suggested an idea for an engagement session I’d been dreaming of doing for quite some time – crafting cocktails together! I asked them if they’d be interested and they were quickly on board, suggesting Moscow Mules as a favorite cocktail, and the way they spent their first date! I told them to get some rest, and I’d get the ingredients, and boy, were they beautiful (and delicious!).

It was the perfect way for us to get to know each other, have some time capturing their love & story, and sharing some fun together! Her parent’s historic Augusta home was the perfect setting, as well, and happens to be the same home they’ll be getting married at next month! I couldn’t be more thrilled to share these images & for their home wedding with Charleston Street Fine Flowers and so many other fabulous vendors in October!

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