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Sep 25, 2015

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One of my very favorite things to do is host & entertain friends in our home. After living in Athens for 3 years post-grad, we experienced many a weekend of hosting friends for University of Georgia football games. I began to realize that every weekend we had people visiting, I was equally as excited about them doing life in our home and around our table as I was about the Georgia game. Shh, don’t tell the Dawgs! 😉

Fast forward to moving to Augusta, house-hunting and finding the sweetest home with plenty of hosting and entertaining space. It was what sold us quickly on the house, but after moving, I realized that our schedules as a medical resident and photographer that primarily shoots on the nights & weekends weren’t always super conducive to having friends over for dinner and drinks.

In a desire to build community in my new city and pour into friends and fellow creatives, I decided I would invite a friend over for coffee or breakfast every Thursday. We talk on life, business, marriage and enjoy delicious food. There is lots of laughter and in this particular case, some indulging in pumpkin bread on my sweet pup’s part.

Last week, the fabulous Amy Owen of Amy J Owen Photo joined me for homemade pumpkin bread (recipe inspired by Little Spice Jar). Before she arrived, I captured the warmth of an early fall morning – and after she arrived… I discovered Sophie had swiped & devoured all but the 2 slices right off the tabletop! Amy & I enjoyed the most delicious and encouraging breakfast & spent time talking about photography & life. I felt so encouraged by how she serves her 5 children so well, pours into her marriage with weekly dates & lots of fun, and does this all while running her photography business. Now I’ll have to make the bread again to continue our conversation (and maybe get more than just a slice before Sophie steals it). Here are a couple images from just before the bread thief made an appearance. Can’t wait for upcoming Thursdays with friends!

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