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Feb 18, 2016

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About a year ago I had the pleasure of photographing the behind the scenes & headshots for the fabulous ladies of Gather Workshop. The amazing knowledge shared at the workshop was only rivaled by the relationships that were fostered in those couple days, one of those being Charity from Revel Pastry Company. Charity & I have followed each other on Instagram for some time now, and I constantly drool over her delicious pastries & treats.

When she reached out to have me join her to shoot & help launch her brand visually in Atlanta, I was immediately in! Plus, sampling these subjects is something I could certainly get behind. Not only are her pastries beyond delicious, but they are so beautiful! I had such fun spending the day styling & shooting her products at Cacao Atlanta in Virginia Highlands, and can’t wait to see what she creates next in her seasonal & local inspired line of goodies! Here are a few favorite images from the shoot, and you can find more of her products here & can enjoy them in stores in Chattanooga & Atlanta! Congrats on your Atlanta launch, Charity, and thank you for sharing your talent with me!

  1. Carrie Joy Osborne says:

    OMG – Teach me your ways! 🙂 Also, now I’m starving!

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