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Jun 21, 2018

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It’s with SO much joy and gratitude that we get to share:

Baby Carnes is arriving December 2018!

Oh my, we couldn’t be more grateful & singing all the praises! It’s humbling & an honor to get to be this little babe’s mama, and I absolutely can’t wait to see Chip as a dad… and Sophie as a big furry sister, of course!

It’s certainly been a winding journey to get here, and it makes it all the more sweet getting to celebrate this season. The Lord has definitely reminded us miracles exist, and for that we are so thankful. Perhaps I’ll share more on that one day, but for today, we celebrate & give so much thanks & pray for those who are waiting eagerly. If that’s you, know I’m here for you, and sending you big love today & every day.


  1. We impulse bought a crib. Can’t keep a girl away from a good sale.
  2. I’m diligently checking to confirm that my tiny baby bump is, in fact, a baby bump, and no longer just a pizza & ice cream bump. (It was a bit touch & go there for a while!)
  3. Sophie’s already preparing to share all the toys (although she’s still convinced Sophie the Giraffe is her new squeaky!)


  1. How far along are you?! – I’m officially 15 weeks as of yesterday! Crazytown!
  2. So, you’re due when? – December 12! My sister gets married November 3rd, then we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving, my 30th birthday is November 26, then baby’s due date & Christmas! Needless to say, the holiday season is going to be a super special one for the Locher/Carnes clan this year!
  3. How are you feeling? – If you had asked me 3 weeks ago my answer would have been quite different… weeks 8-12 hit my like a train with a one way ticket to Exhaustionville. I couldn’t keep my eyes open to save my life! I had about a week of nausea… and an endless stomach ache during those weeks. Hence, if you’ve been following along on social media & I’ve been weirdly quiet lately… it’s because if I’m not doing something absolutely necessary, I’m likely sleeping. And sadly, I’ve had quite a few food aversions… meaning I’m fairly certain I experienced what normal non-foodie people feel like on a day-to-day basis: eating to sustain, but not really getting super stoked about food. If you fall in that camp, my sincerest apologies for what you’re missing out on. 😂 Fortunately, 2nd trimester has me turning a corner, and for that I’m very thankful! I think I’ve only taken 2 naps this week (compared to one every afternoon), and I am finally getting an appetite again! Baby’s gotta grow, y’all!
  4. Speaking of food, have you had any weird cravings? – Considering I crave things intensely on a normal basis, this hasn’t been much of a change… but I can’t get enough of fruit! And soup, even in 100 degree heat. And all.the.carbs. My obsession with carby Asian food has not subsided either, so we’ve eaten our fair share of Pad Thai in the last couple months. But the weirdest thing has been the aversions for food I typically LOVE. Exhibit A: fish… the smell of it… y’all… I just can’t. And avocados solo… nope. WHO AM I?!
  5. Are you finding out if it’s a boy or girl? – Yes! We debated back and forth, but decided in the end we’d love to find out! Type A planner tendencies winning out on this one! Plus, we’ve heard it commonly said that doctor husbands can read the ultrasounds anyway & figure it out on their own… so we’re pumped to officially find out!
  6. When do you move? – This time next year when Chip finishes residency! So we’ll be moving back to Athens, GA with a 6-month-old! Excited we’ll get to have some time with the little babe here in Augusta before kicking off life as a baby bulldawg.
  7. Do you think Sophie knows? – I don’t think she’s caught on quite yet… but she definitely very much wants to play with Sophie the Giraffe. We had to hide it from her, which will certainly present a funny game down the road, I’m sure. But we’re making sure to give her lots of extra snuggles while she’s still an “only child.”

More than anything, we’re SO beyond thrilled & full of gratitude for this blessing! We can’t wait for the exciting season ahead and wild ride to come! Thank you all for your amazing support & encouragement during this time – this babe is already so, so loved! And we officially welcome all the tips for raising the sweetest of babes who love Jesus and others!

Feel free to pop them below to get us started!

  1. Love this SO SO much friends. Sending you the biggest congratulations. This is the best news I have gotten all week. No, all month.
    Sending you the most positive, loving and peaceful vibes.
    Much love.
    PS: December 12th cannot come fast enough.

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      So thankful for you & this all, Ays! All our love – and yes, counting down until December 12!!! Can’t wait for you to meet Baby C!

  2. Carrie Joyc says:

    This is so precious! I love that Sophie will be a “big sister,” and these photos are adorable! I know little one is going to be so blessed to have you guys as parents! Thrilled for you! XO

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      Thank you so much, Carrie Joy! Sophie is going to be the best big sister – and goodness knows that this child will get SO MANY puppy kisses all day. We can’t wait to see them together!

  3. Yassssss! So so excited for the four of you! And gosh I can’t wait to meet that sweet babe in Athens – and you too!

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      AH YAY! Me too!!! Hopefully we can meet even before the babe is here!! 😉 Grateful for you, AnnaKate!

  4. AHHH! Congratulations, Lauren! This is such exciting news. There are so many entrepreneur women due in December, this babe will have so many quasi-siblings to love! <3

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      Thank you!!! So, so many December/January babies! Starting them young with friends across the nation/world! 🙂

  5. Laura Bayne says:

    GOSH! This made me emotional. I am so excited for y’all!!! Babies are so fun and parenthood is a wild ride! I can’t wait to raise these babies together! 🙂

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      I have been thinking about you and the upcoming season and how excited I am to be back in Athens and have friends with littles to all hang together! Sending you love, Laura!

  6. Tabitha Hollimon says:

    So happy for y’all… Whoop whoop!!!

  7. Jade says:

    Congratulations!! My advice would be to listen and politely nod when people give you advice, and then do what you feel is right for you and your baby.
    I have a 9 month old little girl and a baby boy on the way on October 3rd, and life can be hectic and your emotions will be all up the wall at first. Just take everything one day at a time. Every day with your baby is special, even if you don’t get dressed or wash that day 😀
    You’ll be an amazing mum and Im excited to see your journey.

    Love from sunny England

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      Jade, yes, the polite nod I have been told is key! 😉 Thank you so much and CONGRATS on your baby boy to come. Hope you’re having a wonderful & smooth pregnancy and enjoying time with your little girl! We already are counting down the days until we can bring a little to Europe for some amazing adventures. What part of England are you in?

  8. Cassandra says:

    You are simply the best! This is my fav…I’m diligently checking to confirm that my tiny baby bump is, in fact, a baby bump, and no longer just a pizza & ice cream bump. (It was a bit touch & go there for a while!) Thrilled for you!

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      Hahah it’s true! Still up for debate in our household, but we think baby bump is officially winning the debate! 😉

  9. Brandy Daye (Joansie Rose) says:

    Enjoy every moment! Whether it’s sad, happy, challenging, confusing, etc. Parenthood is a learning experience. Don’t compare yourself to others. Do exactly what you want to do as parents. Fed baby is happy baby. Don’t get caught up in breastfeed/bottle feeding. Do what your body and baby wants. Write down as much as you can, baby will do so many things, it’s nice to have it documented to share those memories in the near and far future (because pregnancy brain does not disappear when out comes baby). Communicate as much as you can with hubby on parenting style/efforts/etc and what you two want for your children. Opinions change over time as we grow older. One last thing…..have fun!!!!

  10. untie J says:

    I am happy for u both,,do u realize I had no idea Renee was engaged and she is marrying ON MY 60th Birthday,,,no excuse for forgetting it now!! Pics and updates kiddo,,,love u
    auntie J

  11. Lisa Sjoblom says:

    Wonderful news! It’s the best thing in the world! Total Love!

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