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Oct 24, 2018

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Note: a version of blog post was originally shared during the 2019 launch via my Thursdays at the Table newsletter where I share all of my best content every week! In honor of the PowerSheets 2019 Launch this week, I wanted to highlight one of my TatT audience’s most loved newsletters. To join the weekly fun & get the best content I have to offer, click here!

Where my PowerSheets love began…

Around this time 2 years ago I started hearing all the hubbub about some book/planner called PowerSheets.

“What are these things?!” I kept wondering.

All my friends loved them, and people I respected in business seemed to sing their praises, so I started asking around. And researching. And wondering if actually writing down my goals would make any kind of difference.

After some amazing insight from my dear friend and fellow travel aficionado, Carrie Joy, about how she uses them, I decided to take the plunge.


Since 2016 I have spent a few hours each month reflecting on the previous ~30 days and intentionally goal setting for the next ~30. At first, I was intimidated… but then I realized that no one was holding me accountable to these goals but me, so I gave myself some “progress not perfection” grace and got to work.

It’s impacted my business (and personal life) in huge ways… and allowed me to achieve goals intentionally, all while setting some valuable boundaries for myself.


When I started seeing conversation about the 2018 PowerSheets launch last year, I was as excited as ever.

Launch date was released, and immediately it was in my calendar in big bold colors – a perfect fit for the Cultivate What Matters brand!

And then something unique happened. I started seeing behind the scenes of launch prep from their team, and got even. more. excited. about the product. I was already a cheerleader & brand loyalist… but their launch equipped me to sing the praises even more & to invite PowerSheets newbies into the fun!

And not all launches are this way, are they?

Not all are exciting or leave you wanting more… not all make you schedule the Live webinar time into your calendar or have you sitting on the edge of your seat for a product release, posting all over social media when it finally arrives (looking at you T.Swift & Apple).

However, this launch was special!

Over the process, I rounded up a few things I thought were particularly amazing they did… and am sharing those lessons with you to keep in your back pocket for the next time you launch!

Here it goes!


Long before launch, the team shared everything from Collection Guide sneak previews (featuring the most gorgeous imagery of the new product!) via the email list, to the highlights & new elements of the workbooks on Instagram Live, to engaging on Instagram Stories with those of us eager for launch day! I particularly loved when I shared about my 2017 PowerSheets & excitement for the next year, that their team responded with engaging conversation… and a NAME from the team member I was chatting with! It made it feel real & like I was partaking in the fun alongside them!

Lesson: Talk about your product or service in well advance – even tiny tidbits. Showcase the process it takes to get there. Engage people along the way and provide quality imagery & swipe copy to showcase the product/service in the best light. Bring your followers into the narrative of your launch!


Each team member played a role… and we knew it! They shared on their official social media channels and their personal social media, and the behind the scenes culminated in Lara Casey’s Behind-the-Scenes blog post. It was almost like a digital scavenger hunt to see sneak peeks at prep & launch week. And who doesn’t love scavenger hunts?! I loved seeing the team effort and celebration they shared (and all the balloons and confetti!)… it almost made me feel like I was there in the office seeing it all go down! We got to know the people behind the product, what it took to make it happen, & therefore, felt more aligned with the brand & seeing them achieve their goals! Plus, those babies below are beyond precious…

Lesson: If you have a team working on a project with you, showcase the team’s hard work and what it takes to pull it off! And if you don’t have a team (like most of us!), I bet you have a friend, spouse, dog, etc. who helps make it all possible. Additionally, share the process everywhere you can. It means people are coming back to your channels again and again to see what they might have missed… and that prepares them psychologically to come back on the official launch day to see what the final results are!


So often I see people reach “launch day” and abandon ship. Launching is exhausting, but it’s not permission to treat yourself to a margarita and call it a day (although all launches shouldinclude margs). Instead this team had a plan to execute well past the official “go live!” moment! They were actively available in their Customer Delight inbox (don’t you just love that name?!), they were engaging with people sharing on social media, and they even kept followers updated during any delays or snafus they encountered. When the volume of orders they received WELL exceeded their estimates, they let everyone know of the delays in shipping with such grace on their Facebook group… and offered something fun to keep them smiling in the mean time. And extra bonus: with that video, they took something super trendy (unboxings!) and made it unique (and hilarious) for their own brand!

Lesson: Create a launch plan for post-launch & execute on it (with margarita in hand!). Be prepared knowing something likely will not quite go as planned, and be gracious in the process… and when in doubt, add in a bit of joy & humor to the mix!

I couldn’t have loved following along with their team & launch more… and now I’m THRILLED to have my 2018 PowerSheets in hand!

For those of you who are interested in seeing what these PowerSheets are all about & wondering if they are a good fit for you… I’ve created a 7-minute video on how I use them to give you a peek inside! I was nervous to buy them the first time around (and wasn’t sure I’d even USE them!), so learning how others work them into their businesses and lives helped me significantly!

Get PowerSheeting!

Do you have PowerSheets? Is this your first year or are you a seasoned PowerSheet pro? I can’t wait to see what 2018 looks like with them!

And full disclosure: I’m an affiliate for the amazing Cultivate What Matters shop, but would never share something with you I didn’t 100% believe in! Any purchases through these links simply helps me continue creating content for you, friend! Woot woot!

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