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Mar 11, 2019

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The first interaction I had with Deeann Rieves was years ago while photographing the Gather Workshop, an amazing workshop led by the incredible Mattie of Green Tie Studio and Kaitie of Kaitie Bryant Photography. Britt Bass was leading a session on painting, and I was roaming around the workshop, capturing attendees getting their hands dirty for some fun. I peeked over Deeann’s shoulder and exclaimed how incredible her piece was. She humbly offered her thanks – little did I know she was actually a fabulously talented painter, absolutely in her wheelhouse during an art session at the workshop. While other photographers and wedding planners and graphic designers hemmed & hawed over where to swipe the next bit of paint, Deeann was creating a tiny masterpiece. We chatted a bit, and I discovered her talents, following along on social media for years after, chatting here and there via Instagram, always dreaming of photographing her process.

Branding portraits are some of my favorite… and creatives in process are some of the best of them all. Seeing the steps, the deliberative, fascinating, “in the zone,” sometimes unexpected ways a person creates their art always inspires me. Deeann’s process does that tenfold. After a bit of back and forth, we decided it was officially time for me to come up to Nashville to photograph her in her new (AMAZING) studio space, creating. Needless to say it was a dream. Not to mention, we both discovered at the time that we were expecting, making the trip and conversation such fun… talking all things baby, meets motherhood and business, meets creative process. And getting to do so with her youngest little lady dancing around, making art of her own. They are beautiful people inside and out.

Now, Oliver has arrived, and her precious baby girl #2 is here, and I’m finally getting around to sharing her session, one of my absolute favorites to date! I am so excited to finally share these images and celebrate her feature in In Her Studio Magazine! Finally, be sure to visit Deeann’s website to see how she’s used her branding portraits throughout her site and marketing materials. Seriously stunning & makes me want to buy ALL her work (not that I didn’t already want to in the first place).2018-08-03_0001.jpg

  1. Madalyn Yates says:

    Lauren, these are incredible!!!! So much talent behind these branding portraits.

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