The most important Instagram feature you’re not using: Instagram Stories Video DMs


Apr 18, 2018

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You’re sitting staring at the computer… cursor blinking…

while you wait for one single lighting bolt of profound inspiration…

But then motivation falters & distraction sneaks on in…

Your mind starts to wander…


If you’re anything like every other average American (ahem… yep, you probably are… let’s be honest)… you reach for your phone.

In fact, according to a recent study… we check our phones once every 12 minutes – totaling ~80 times a day of glancing at that tiny little screen hoping for something new that will knock our fuzzy socks off.

And if you’re like every other creative (ahem, guilty, again!), your thumb immediately autopilots right to our beloved IG. It’s like a magical force field drawing you in to scroll

I mean, it’s not like you’ve missed anything with that pesky algorithm (but wait, might we be rid of the algorithm forever, IG?!)


to the mindless time-filler of imperfect people filling our brains with perfect squares…

to the hope that inspiration will strike from the inevitable comparison trap we get caught in… (it doesn’t, btw)

to the “feel goods” of a new follower double tapping & affirming our worthiness… (but it also doesn’t, btw… you’re worthy regardless… okay, moving on.)


Instagram can be tough to wrestle with…

but it also has some seriously shining moments & abilities to connect with others, build likability & trust, and book people who want YOU and only you.

Do you ever feel like everyone else is getting those bookings, meanwhile you’re hearing crickets?

People raving about “I just booked 10 thousand new clients from 1 Instagram post… and YOU CAN TOO!”

When in reality, it’s not that easy.

However, there is one thing that is THAT EASY and leads to more relationships… and dollars… than anything else I do on the app.


Yes, everyone knows I love me some Instagram Stories.

They are everything good about Instagram, IMHO.

But let’s take that a step further, shall we?

The most important Instagram feature you’re not using is:

Instagram Direct Messages – and specifically the DM Video feature!

I find more often than not, people are surprised that is even a possibility the first time they receive a video response from me!

Here’s how it goes:

  1. I post a Story.
  2. You respond with a question or thought.
  3. I send back a VIDEO instead of just text.
  4. My thumbs rejoice from the reprieve from typing.
  5. You’re surprised & delighted by a personalized response.
  6. We connect on a deeper level. Know – like – trust is built. We continue conversation. You hire me. I pay bills. Boom. Bravo!
  7. Repeat.

It’s pretty awesome.

And I PROMISE it’s not scary… really… no one cares if you haven’t showered in days. In fact, I’d argue it actually builds relatability when people realize you’re just a normal human on the other side of that screen… and seeking connecting just like they are.

The reason I use it and believe you should be too?


1. It shows I took valuable time out of my day to answer YOU and only you with a personalized message. This video wasn’t sent to everyone… instead, I want to connect with just YOU.

2. It shows consistency… even in one-on-one “conversations,” you’re still getting the same Lauren that you see in Instagram Stories… and the same Lauren you meet in person. The best compliment I have received when meeting an InstaFriend in person? “You’re exactly how I expected you to be.” Praise hands.

3. You see my face & hear my voice… and start to read my written copy in that voice… because you know me more than just a random girl on the interwebs who overshares about her dog. You know how you get a sassy text from your bestie or a mom-text from your mama and immediately hear their voice? That happens with my people. You start to hear my inflection & tone when you read IG captions, blog posts, and even in these emails!

Subconsciously, you start to see me as a friend… who shows up day in and day out on Instagram Stories… and is always there ready to message you back, whether through a quick text or a series of videos.

You know I’m there…

I mean, you can’t get rid of me that easy!

And added bonus, it lets me go deeper into the conversation than just a simple emoji back. I get to know what you really need… and then it makes it easier to sell… and book ideal clients.

And don’t get my wrong, girl LOVES her some emojis, but Immabereal… if that’s ALL you got to give, DM me… and let’s set up a communications coaching session, because let’s harness the power of your unique brand voice & the connection-power of IG DMs.

And don’t forget about Instagram Stories…

Finally, if you’re wondering how to even GET Direct Messages in your inbox to begin with, I’ve got a free guide to Instagram Stories that convert whipped up for you. It walks you through exactly what to say & how to create Instagram Stories that TELL your Story, even when your day is 5 cups of coffee in jammies at the computer.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing to convert and book more ideal clients

So download it for yourself & get your Story game going… and book those clients!

  1. Amazing post. Though I don’t really know how helpful it could be for me as a newbie blogger. considering that I Don’t get any queries or comments, in particular, I don’t really know who I can DM! ;P I would love to see your IG stories though. gonna follow you right away!

    Kani |

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      It is beneficial for anyone and everyone, no matter where you are in business! If you have an Instagram and a business, you can start building your brand now through Instagram Stories, and using the DM Video feature to respond to people you’re excited to follow, etc.

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