The Best Go-To Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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Jun 27, 2018

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ICYMI… last week we shared our big (tiny) news! We’re having a baby – and we couldn’t be more thrilled & grateful for this sweet miracle and for all of you celebrating with us! The Lord is good!

What I found out as well, is that the day we announced the big news… was also National Smoothie Day. What a perfect day to share our excitement… as smoothie bowls have been a staple during our season of hoping & praying for a baby… and during first trimester when nothing quite struck my fancy.

I mean, how can you NOT want a giant bowl of goodness topped with endless delicious fruit & snacks?

I had my first acai bowl during our road trip down the California coast, and ever since then, I can’t get enough. At first, I was intimidated to make them on my own… but once you get the general “recipe” down, it all comes so easily. So today, after MANY kind requests over the years, I bring you my go-to smoothie bowl “recipe.”

The Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Now… I should start by saying, I use the word “recipe” loosely. This is more of a guideline of: “throw some of this in there and a bit of that… all to your taste.” But in the end, it is where every good smoothie bowl begins, IMHO. These measurements aren’t exact, but will give you a good starting point & you can tweak to your preference!

Smoothie Base

1/2 Cup Veggies: Bet you didn’t expect the first ingredient to be veggies, did you? When I started eating smoothie bowls every day, I knew I needed to sneak some veggies in there and quickly found my go to. Steam zucchini and cauliflower then freeze flat on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, store in a sealed container in the freezer. These veggies add great bulk, fiber, & creaminess to the smoothie without adding excess sugar.

You can also add a handful of spinach or kale if you have it on hand here, as well! Never hurts to get some leafy greens in there! I fully intend to sneak those in with future Baby C!

1/2 Cup Frozen Banana:¬†Before switching to adding veggies to my smoothies, I did all frozen banana for the “base” of the base… but knew I wanted (needed!) less sugar for my first meal of the day, so switched to half & half… I love the creaminess frozen banana adds & the flavor too (hello, “nice cream!”). Freeze on a baking sheet like the veggies & store in a container.

1/4 Cup Frozen Fruit: I buy in bulk from the frozen section at Costco. Berries, mango, cherries, you name it…

My favorite combo? Berries & peanut butter powder for a liquid PBJ… or Mango, Pineapple, & Coconut Cream for a tropical paradise in a bowl.

1 Scoop Protein Powder: I always opt for Unflavored Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein. I don’t love the taste of stevia/artificial flavors, and after trying countless protein powders, I discovered this one. It has a slightly nutty taste, but otherwise, doesn’t taste like much, so blends perfectly with whatever ingredients you add to it! Also, protein powder makes this feel like a true meal and keeps me full for hours.

Mix-Ins: This is where you can get creative for your desires/dreams. Ideas & mix-ins I love as follows:

Maca powder: Great for energy & a hormone balancer/fertility booster // Pro Tip: get the gelatinized kind for easier digestion

Flaxseed meal: High in fiber & Omega-3’s & a hormone balancer

Chia seeds: High in fiber & metabolism booster

Greek Yogurt: Extra protein… and creamy factor

Peanut butter powder: High in protein, all the flavor of peanut butter but much easier to scoop into a smoothie

Cacao powder: Umm… chocolate (and antioxidants & things)

1/2 Cup (or more as needed!) Liquid: You need as much to get your blender moving – and whatever non-dairy milk floats your boat. Use as little as you can & add more as needed. I typically start with 1/2 cup of almond, coconut, or cashew milk. And if I’m in a bind without a nut-milk, I’ll just use water! My recommendation: avoid juices, as they add the distinct flavor of the juice, drowning out the other flavors in the bowl. Regardless of your liquid – I recommend a high-powered blender to get it nice and creamy without adding too much milk (I love my Vitamix – I have this one!). Note: if you’d rather drink your smoothie from a cup instead of scoop it from a bowl, add more liquid to make it sippable (and easier to blend!).


Now this is where things get really fun… and truly where a smoothie becomes a meal IMHO. Pick a theme & run with it (think: PBJ or tropical paradise… or chocolate dessert smoothie deliciousness)… or literally throw whatever you have on hand & floats your boat on that bad boy & enjoy!



Nut butters.

Cacao nibs.

More chia seeds.

Coconut chips (Lord have mercy, coconut chips!).

Basically, whatever we have in the way of potential topping… it’s been on a smoothie bowl before in Casa de Carnes.

Moral of the smoothie bowl story

Smoothie bowls, acai bowls, dessert for breakfast… whatever you call it, this meal is one worth taking some time out of your busy day to enjoy. Celebrate National Smoothie Day a week late & prep yourself a delicious meal… and be sure to let me know how your smoothies go! Tag me @laurenlcarnes when you whip one up!

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