What’s in an elevator pitch?


Sep 12, 2018

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What’s in an elevator pitch?

We’ve all heard about the need for an elevator pitch.

You’ve got 60 seconds in an elevator with someone. (side note: has anyone reading this actually ever pitched someone in an elevator? I haven’t… but now I kind of want to. Been thinking about that. Anyway, I digress.)

They ask what you do.

You give them the spiel to get them buy/hire/purchase.

Hopefully they are in…


You’ve likely heard details of what it should include…

Always something like: who you are & what you do.

But what about the other half of that equation?

You may even have heard of “why you do it” or “who you do it for.”

But I’m going to take it a step further…

A proper “elevator pitch” isn’t finished until you include this phrase:

“so that they can…______.”

Who you are, what you do, who you do it for… “so that they can…______.”

It’s simple really. But that one extra line added in a world of difference.

It suddenly takes it from being all about you… to all about them. It puts your potential client in the spot of hero.

It shares RESULTS.

With every pitch your goal is to make your potential client the hero & share the results your product/service can provide.

People don’t really care about what you do… they care about how it can benefit them & make their lives easier, bring them more joy, or make them more money.

They want to know that their investment is worthwhile, whatever that investment is going to be. And if you’re filling a need for them – one no other elevator rider has filled before… then the investment doesn’t really matter.

They just want to know that they are going to get RESULTS… giving them the chance to be the real hero of the story. The hero for their own lives, for their families, for their business.

And a bit of food for thought: this isn’t just applicable for the elevator pitch. In fact, every pitch or sales page should offer the results for the hero. Really, any pitch and selling is all about “what’s in it for you.” (You being the buyer of course.)

So take some time to fill this out. Short & sweet – remember: you’ve only got the length of an elevator ride.

Who are you?

What do you do?

Who do you do it for?

What does it allow them to do? (in their business, in their life, in their family?)

Once you’ve brainstormed those elements, narrow it down to a concise pitch that you feel confident sharing and that shows your elevator rider just what you can offer to them, and what their results will be when they hire you.

You’ve got this, friend. I believe in you.

See you on the elevator.

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