That day job you’re plugging away at… there’s so much more benefit than you think. I promise. You may be in a season where you’re wondering if you’ll ever make it to that coveted “full timer” status. Or perhaps you’re a full time entrepreneur, but you remember the 9-5 hustle and late night/weekend working all […]

Mar 26, 2019


When I first became a photographer, I quickly realized went into running a photography business that wasn’t actually taking the photos… There was culling, accounting, blogging, social mediaing, contract printing, and more. It was exhausting. In fact, when I first met with our financial planners and they asked me to break down the percentage […]

Mar 20, 2019


Lauren Carnes Photography Features

It’s officially been a year since launching my new website redesign on the Showit platform. It had been a long, long time coming. So long, in fact, that by the time I launched a new site I had been offering services to clients that my old website only mentioned in a single paragraph for over […]

Mar 6, 2019


Tips for tackling your inbox and getting to inbox zero

I actually really LIKE emails. When I worked at the PR agency, people always came to me for email tips on how to manage their inbox, reach inbox zero, & actually get results from the emails they were sending. I mean, my inbox sometimes can feel like a death trap, sure, but overall, I really […]

Jan 30, 2019


StrengthsFinder StrengthsQuest 34 Strengths

If you’re wondering why your Strengths (NOT your Weaknesses) make the most difference in your business, today’s guest blog post from Laura Foote of Laura Foote Photography will give you 3 ideas you should consider about how to thrive in your Strengths & excel in business (and life!). Laura is one of my absolute best friends, […]

Jan 2, 2019


I’ve long dreamed about the day I’d been putting these maternity leave plans into action. In fact, during our season of infertility & waiting for a sweet babe, I often would reference extra work I was doing & dollars earned as being a “nest.” I’d stock pile a bit for the hope that one day […]

Nov 7, 2018


Last weekend 11 ladies traveled from all over the country to join together for a business retreat – a gal pal getaway if you will. 4 of us have been meeting every other week for 2 years, (& 1 of the other ladies joined us for a year too!), and everyone else was an industry […]

Jul 5, 2018