How to Launch a Website as a Multipassionate Entrepreneur 5 Questions to Ask if Your Business Offers a Variety of Services


Mar 21, 2018

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“Launching” gets a lot of airtime. And TBH, every time I do a little jaunt on IG, it seems like everyone and their sister is launching a new website, course, product, brand, and even… baby. 😂 (Seriously, anyone else with me? Thank goodness for my friends having precious bambinos so I can snuggle them, because, darn, they are cute!!) Since opening up the doors to my business nearly 4 years ago, I’ve launched a lot of things. And over the years, it’s introduced me to 5 questions to ask before launching a new website, especially if you’re a multipassionate entrepreneur.

See… I’ve launched/helped launch other people’s businesses & courses, Rising Tide Society events, friend’s websites, you name it. In fact, I actually really love launching & the strategy that goes into it all. Brings me back to my PR days!

But when I first began the plans for a new website launch… nearly 3 years ago, mind you, I felt the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD. Doing something for yourself is always harder than doing it for others, amiright?!

See, I started with a simple Squarespace template in 2014, and oh, it served me well… but as my business morphed, and new elements were added on & I offered new services to a wider range of people… launching a new website to cover it ALL was like asking me to give up ice cream for life. It just wasn’t happening.

Instead, I tested the waters elsewhere to start.

Tippy toeing one toe at a time into what felt like a frozen lake.

I was nervous people would NOT be into #allthethings.

But I couldn’t avoid the truth any longer.

I shared about it all on IG. Social. InstaStories. Newsletter. In person. At conferences. All of the above.
For all intents & purposes, my website was living in the prehistoric days… meanwhile, I was getting all millennial up in here. Avocado toast & everything… exploring uncharted territories, building a #BLESSED (is that appropriate here? ever? nope? ok. disregard the #) life doing what I love.

While I shared the new ventures in business & tested those waters… I realized something.

Most people had come to understand & embrace that I was not just a photographer. Not just a marketer.


I couldn’t separate them. Neither was going anywhere, and people started commenting how much they love that my passions bridge the gap from visuals to marketing. One or the other can’t survive on its own.

We need both… and so I started exploring what it would look like to ACTUALLY LAUNCH a brand that is both.

The one thing that united them? Lauren Carnes.

The multipassionate entrepreneur in me…

It was all done, created, cooked, and crafted by Lauren Carnes. Even if they are seemingly not connected… they are all a product of my passion & education.

I wondered how the heck I would fit everything under one roof on my new site without getting people

Up until then I hadn’t practiced what I preached when it came to creating a consistent message on my site (my “store front”) that matched all the other assets of my brand.

I was waiting for perfect… but it was never coming, so I had to settled for DONE.

And got to work.

No more: “but what if it’s TOO much on the site?!”

Instead: I switched the script…

and I put myself in the shoes of my own coaching clients.

What would I tell them?

That’s where I had to start… to treat myself like a client…

So here they are… questions you must ask about every service you offer as a multipassionate entrepreneur.

5 questions you need to ask before launching a website as a multipassionate entrepreneur (especially if you offer more than one service or product!)

5 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Multipassionate Website:

  • Who is my ideal client for this particular type of work?
  • What is it I want them to do on the site? What is my goal for them?
  • How can I get them there fastest, easiest, and with the least barrier to entry?
  • What is the MAIN thing my ideal client needs to know immediately?
  • What is the CTA for every ideal client?

These questions made it possible for me to fit it all in one stop shop… under the Lauren Carnes roof!

Food/travel, branding, & wedding photography, in addition to communications coaching, and speaking, all in one site.

Services AND education.

Imagery AND copy.

Chock full… everything there they need quickly, plus some extras if they want to poke around & help themselves.

Your goal in launching a new site that covers all the things: make it easy to get what they need fast & convert them quickly to achieve your goals.

Plain & simple.

Think about each client and cater directly to them.

If they get curious, they can pop around… otherwise, get them what they need and everything else… that’s just a side dish.

And what I’ve found… my absolute best clients across the board love that I have a variety of passions… they want the insight on copywriting AND imagery. They want to know how to launch their new brand, while also ensuring their photos communicate their story. They want to know that it’s consistent across the board.

And they are multi-passionate too… because that’s how we ARE as people. Don’t let the thought that YOU HAVE TO NICHE keep you from launching & serving the world with your gifts. Sometimes simply DOING THE WORK leads you to your sweet spot.

And more than anything, I believe keeping your skills & passions hidden in the age of the dinosaurs isn’t doing anyone any favors.

So ask yourself those questions & get to sharing what you have to offer!

And in the mean time, you can see how those 5 questions played out here!

  1. Kim Forman says:

    Omg!! Thank you!!! If one more person tells me I HAVE to niche in order to succeed, I’m going to scream.

    Why only offer one small portion of your skill set? Or make people jump through hoops to find all of your offerings, because they have to be on seperate pages (which you then have to promote seperately)?

    • Lauren Carnes says:

      Love hearing that it was helpful and encouraging! I mean, I just love and offer too many things to limit it entirely! You go girl!

  2. Ivy says:

    Loved this read and the promts as well! Thank you!

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